BoniSleep - 1 box x 30 Capsules - Help To Sleep Well, Reduce Stress

BoniSleep - 1 box x 30 Capsules - Help To Sleep Well, Reduce Stress

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BoniSleep - 1 Box x 30 Capsules - Help To Sleep Well, Reduce Stress

Made in Canada by Viva Pharma  

BoniSleep helps you to sleep easilly and well and reduce stress, anxiety .

Besides, It supports to treat depression and insomnia.


Aldults: 02 - 04 capsules, 2 times/ day before bedtime 30 minutes


Lactium 90%                           50mg     

L- Arginine                             50mg

Vitamine B6                           1.5mg

Magie Oxide                           50mg

5-HTP                                    25mg

L-Theanine                             25mg

Melatonine                             1.5mg

GABA                                    125mg

Valerian root                          75mg

Chamomile                              75mg

Passion Flower Ext                 320mg

Hops                                       75mg

Pteria Margaritifera Ext        120mg

Ashwagandha                          50mg

Rhodiola rosea                         50mg


This product has no contraindication

Other Infomation:  

This product is not a drug. It is the functional food only. Keep out of reach of children.


01 Box = 30 Capsules.


Keep in dry, cool place.

Avoid sunlight and high temperature (30°C) 


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