01 Boxes HOA SAM DAT Natural Herbal Tea Help Secure Weight Loss With 100% Herbs

01 Boxes HOA SAM DAT Natural Herbal Tea Help Secure Weight Loss With 100% Herbs

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Natural Herbal Tea Help Secure Weight Loss With 100% Herbs

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  • Weight loss from the inside, removal of blood fats, cleansing of the blood, adjustment of fat metabolism (causes of fat), lowering of bad cholesterol completely.
  • The main effect of tea ginseng is reducing belly fat, thigh fat.
  • Skin beauty, maximum protection of the liver, prevention of acne, pigmentation. For long-term skin will be smooth like baby skin.
  • For mothers after birth, milk does not return just a few small packages of milk rushed about.
  • Strengthen blood circulation, blood tonic and menstruation, blood stasis, blood clots for a long time in the uterus.
  • Increases immunity and stimulates immunity, prolongs the life span. Prevention of stroke and cancer


  • Suitable for everyone. Include both children and women breastfeeding. Low blood pressure and stomach, fatty liver.
  • The object is male "big belly" or female office sitting abundant fat accumulation.
  • The object is people do not have time to exercise, less exercise.
  • The object "gym" needs to burn fat to increase muscle.
  • Especially, it is suitable for long-term obesity, difficult to reduce, drug resistance.


  • In addition to direct drinking with warm water, you can also rotate the tablet and mix it with water.
  • For the body to get used to the product, the first two days you use 1 tablet per day.
  • Day 3 increased to 2 capsules / day.
  • Drinks item before breakfast before 30 minutes. Drink with warm water.
  • Drink before breakfast 30 - 45 minutes. During tea use will limit appetite instead will be very thirsty, crave fruits and vegetables.

For Get Best Effect:

  • Drink 2.5 - 3 liters of water a day to remove fat effectively
  • Limit starches, sugary foods and fruit juices
  • Do not eat after 19h, do not drink alcohol, beer and stimulants
  • You should eat more calories for the whole day, the rest should be limited. Eat boiled, steamed foods.
  • Limit your alcohol intake to reduce calorie intake and not block the body's fat burning process
  • After eating, exercise lightly, restrain sitting and lying after eating
  • Have breakfast before 8am. Restricted late at night, late
  • In addition, you should also incorporate appropriate exercise regimen, exercise, exercise, sports with intensity and appropriate time each day to lose weight effectively in self-safety and security. secret.

How To Check Authentic Product:

Weight loss products genuine ZN land must have 02 stamp

  • 01 Gold seal forged by Ministry of Public Security.
  • 01 QR code. (You use your phone to download the "iCheck - Consumer Protection" application on your computer and open the test> will display the product code number> Press send will receive genuine message response from the switchboard)
  • Outside the box of genuine Lotus weight loss ZN bar code printing.
  • Use your phone to download the "iCheck - Consumer Protection" application and open the check.

Hope all informations will be helpful to you.